Austenitic 316 Grade

AISI 316 is another common grade of austenitic Stainless steels. Its increased Chromium and Nickel contents and addition of Molumdenium assure it a perfect anti-corrosive characteristic, resisitance to acidic and basic elements, abilitity to work on high temparature, machinability, high mechanic performances. Those advantages make 316 grade indispansable to us efor chemical processes, food and beverage industries. High resistance to salty sea water make it main material form arine application, port and offshore facilities, oil and gas exploration.
It is also a core material for chimney where natural gas is used.
316 L which is a subgrade of 316, has higher ductiliy for easy machinning by reducing carbon content. It is used for deep drawing, pressing and heating element shields.
By adding Titaniom to grade 316, we obtain 316 Ti which is known by high resistance to elevated temperature and has a large application for heat exchangers, furnaces, power plants, co-generation facilities, plenum manufacturing.