Ferritic 430 Grade

Ferritic Stainless steels, are used on large scale industries as appliances and automotive industies due low cost, high strenght, good hardness, low elongation and thermal elongation, resistance to high temperatures etc. The use of ferritic Stainless Steel increase continiously by the advantages above.  Low chromium content ferritic Stainless Steels as AISI 409 and 410 are used abondantly for automotive industry, body parts for railway cars, lorries and buses, silencers and similar parts open to athmospheric conditions.
The best knowned ferritic grade is AISI 430. Its 18 % chromium content which assure it high anti-rust specifications, low normal and thermal  elongation, resistance to heat and keeping color under heat promote this grade to use it for all kitchen utensils, cutleries, pots and pans, etc. It is main material for kitchen applinaces, ventilation hoods, built-in equipment due easy forming,  easy and durable surface finishing.
AISI 430 has a large application area for in-door furnitures, decorative elements due high streght and hardness.
AISI 430 is used also on non-corrosive out-door applicationswith additional precautions.
Solar energy panels, gas burners, hot water tanks are other high consumers of AISI 430 stainless Steel.