Our founder Veli KÜÇÜKEMRE started to Business life on 1960 in Sivas,

Nikel Paslanmaz was established on 1990 in Perşembe Pazarı.

He consider stainless steel, exclusive metal of the future as main topic.

He traded stainless steel sheets, coils, pipes, tubes and bars.

Stainless steel sales warehouses inaugurated in Demirciler Sitesi

Nikel Paslanmaz Çelik Service Center was established on 2000 in Dudullu investing for sheet processing machines to respond request of stainless steel market.

Today, Nikel Paslanmaz exports to 59 countries and fullfill all requirements of Turkish stainless steel markets thanks to 3 CTL, 2 slitting lines, coil-to-coil brushing and grinding line, 2 sheet-to-sheet brushing and grinding lines, 8K mirror polishing line, 2 circle pattern lines, tear drop pattern line, pipe, tube production and processing lines established on 12.000 sqm covered area along with 304,316,430 and 310S sheet, coil, pipe, tube and bar stocks for his customer s requests.


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