Stainless Steel Square and Rectangular Tubes

Stainless Steel long product are produced by extrusion of ingots or forming flat materials.
Welded round, square and rectangular tubes.
Welded tubes are manufactured by forming flat materials and joining the slieves by TIG or HF welding. Tubes may have several shapes and dimensions according forming wheels and used for contructive or decorative purposes. Those products are not manufactured for transportation of fluids so can not handles pressure inside.
Pipes and hollow shapes.
They are produced by extrusion of ingots and specially deigned for transportation of liquids under pressure. The material is selected by the characteristics of the transported liquid and Wall thickness is calculated according the requested pressure of process.. the inner Wall can be finished according to the process and processed liquid. It is a large family of materials with fittings i.e. flanges, nippels, valves, dismantling parts, cups, tees, elbows, uınions etc which were manufactured according assembly method i.e. welding, mufling, threaded etc